What Does your Program Look Like?

Program Goals

Women who enter Barbara’s Place will have achieved the following goals as part of the evaluation process for readiness to graduate:

  1. A faith connection and a foundation for living the victorious Christian life
  2. A commitment to substance abuse-free living
  3. Healthy relationship skills and connection for support and safety planning
  4. Personal skills for independent and community living
  5. A clear and manageable program of action for their future

Program Length

  • 6 to 12 month residential
  • The initial commitment is 6 months in length, after that time each student will be evaluated and goals set for the next step in their growth and healing. Graduation is based on readiness and goal achievement rather than a specific date.
  • All students will be moved into an aftercare covenant relationship with a local church for continued discipleship and training in living the victorious Christian life upon meeting the goals of their residential phase. During this time the goal is that the women find a safe and supportive transition back into the greater community and can meet the challenges that the return to family and community life will bring in a biblically healthy way.