What is Your Admission Process?

Prior to Admission, the applicant must meet the following requirements

  • Open to biblical teaching and help for hope and healing
  • Commit to abstinence from all tobacco products as well as drugs and alcohol. Only life-sustaining medications prescribed by a physician are permitted
  • Outstanding legal matters need to be resolved before a woman can enter the program
  • We are unable to accommodate women who are pregnant
  • Off of any psychotropic drugs and medical needs drugs that are mind-altering, or sleep-inducing.
  • Complete the admission process and supply all needed forms and test results.
  • Pay and submit the required admission fees and medical deposit.


  • Women 18 and up
  • Physically able to climb stairs and sleep in bunk beds

Application Process:

Steps necessary for acceptance and intake:

  1. The woman seeking help should fill out the online application form below – or use the QR code listed on the right.
  2. Fill out an application and return with a fee
  3. If accepted – Medical Form Completed & Balance of Fees due prior to intake

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