I'm on the waiting List - Now What?

Waiting to enter our recovery program can be difficult and we understand that. Below are some helpful resources for the applicant, wives and family, and churches and pastors. Click the links for more information regarding these topics…

Applicant – I’m on the waiting List – Now What?

Now you have made a very good and wise choice! The first of many that can lead to a real and lasting life change. Here are some suggestions that will help you in preparing for your entrance into the Colony of Mercy. You are investing the next four months of time into the rest of your lifetime. In order for […]

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Wives and Family – What can I do?

PRAY – for him, for your kids, for yourself (share that you’re praying for them)  Stay connected with your local church or get connected to a local church. AVOID ISOLATION by finding a person in the church with whom you can openly share. AND GO. We recommend you download this study; “Responding Biblically In the Midst of It” […]

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Pastors & Churches – Helpful Hints

Here are some helpful hints that pastors have shared with us…  MAKE CONTACT with the family and STAY CONNECTED with them during the waitlist time.  If feasible, MEET REGULARLY with the man, daily if possible, for prayer and accountability.  Encourage the man to secure the 4 BIBLE STUDIES written for the men to complete while […]

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