Family Check List 

  • PRAY – for him, for your kids, for yourself (share that you’re praying for them)
  •  Stay connected with your local church or get connected to a local church. AVOID ISOLATION by finding a person in the church with whom you can openly share. AND GO. We recommend you download this study; “Responding Biblically In the Midst of It”
  • Go together to your local church to INFORM LOCAL CHURCH leadership of the situation and plans to enter the Colony of Mercy. (If not together – GO ALONE)
  •  Maintain your REGULAR ROUTINE (as much as possible) regarding a job, home, children and church.
  • Make every effort to REMOVE AND DESTROY alcohol, drugs, porn, etc., from your home.
  •  Refrain from engaging in ARGUMENTS. They rarely accomplish anything.
  •  As your family member pursues entering the Colony of Mercy, LET HIM BE THE ONE to take the necessary steps to accomplish it. Don’t try to do it for him or check on him.
  •  If you currently have an active RESTRAINING ORDER and are planning to be involved in the Women of Character program at America’s Keswick, investigate the process of getting an AMENDED RESTRAINING ORDER, so that for the time he is in the Colony you can participate here on the grounds in our programs. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND DROPPING IT.
  • If you are going to need FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE while your husband is in the Colony begin now to notify your church of your needs. Investigate food stamps and other forms of public assistance. Contact your County Human Services Department.
  •  If possible, plan to accompany your family member to America’s Keswick for intake. (We also do an intake process with the wives.)

Don't Struggle Alone!