What You Can Expect?

The Colony of Mercy can probably best be described as a “spiritual hospital”. We believe that all behavioral issues are spiritual in nature and therefore must be addressed as such.  Don’t expect to hear a lot of war stories or details about specific substances or behaviors.

We focus on replacing old behaviors with new ones. Some are resistant to that ideology because they are not willing to give up certain issues, but would rather be selective in the process of change. Because recovery is relational in nature, we see conflict as constructive in that we learn how to relate to others in a healthy manner. This comes about as men are placed in actual life situations at work, in the Colony residence, and interaction with staff. The structure is also essential, so expect to learn to follow rules.

We’re not a perfect society but we strive to model Christ in our daily walk. You will be kept busy so don’t expect to have a lot of leisure time to sunbathe, practice the violin (musical instruments are prohibited for the residents), or pursue vocational training. Instead set your mind on pursuing a life-changing relationship with God, which will include a structured daily devotional time, prayer, fellowship, and scripture memorization.