Stories of Hope from the Colony of Mercy

A Life in Progress – Matt O.

Before Jesus Christ, I was broken. I was raised as a Roman Catholic, attending church but never caring enough to truly hear the message being taught. My father was an alcoholic in my early years, and with that came much pain. He was emotional, physically and verbally abusive, which led to my parents’ divorce when […]

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A Life in Progress – Christian H.

I was born in Nicaragua in 1981. My grandparents took care of me. Until the age of five, I thought they were my parents. My grandparents showed me love and affection. At age 7 I was separated from them and didn’t know why. I remember my uncle dropping me off at the airport […]

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A Life in Progress – Aaron C.

Fear had me paralyzed. The thought of accepting love was discomforting, and giving love was nearly impossible. The trust I had in people was non-existent, and my faith in the Lord was eradicated due to the shaming of a controlling and legalistic church. From my adolescence, processing emotions didn’t come naturally. Therefore, leading into my adult years […]

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