What is ENRICH?

Since 1897, the mission of America’s Keswick has been to teach the message of the victorious Christian life found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The purpose of ENRICH is to come alongside men and women to help them enrich their lives and relationships as they are taught and encouraged by the Word of God.

ENRICH finds it’s motivation in Paul’s call in Titus 2 for seasoned Christians to teach others how to live godly lives and to respond in a godly fashion in our relationships. Above all, Paul reminds us that the greatest relationship we are called to is our personal relationship with Christ.

ENRICH is how we serve and minister to all those in need of Healing, Help, and Hope. 

Life in the world has a tremendous impact on us as we navigate family, relationships, jobs, and messages preached to us through today’s media and technology. Addiction and emotional struggles impact the entire family; therefore, the most effective way to heal is by ministering to the entire family, not just to the one who is struggling.

At America’s Keswick, we have been in the long-term addiction recovery ministry since 1897. Since 1999, we have been serving the wives, fiancées, and girlfriends of the men in our Colony of Mercy. Today, we now serve women at Barbara’s Place and their families as well as the community-at-large through a variety of programs.

Our primary goal is that through the variety of programs ENRICH offers, lives once shattered by hurt, pain, and confusion will find healing and rest through the Hope that is found in Christ alone.

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