What Should I Bring?

(space is limited – so pack light and understand if it doesn’t fit we will send it home)


Skirts and shorts must come to the knees. All shirts must cover the middle completely and tops must cover the hips loosely and worn over leggings. No tank tops or spaghetti straps. All items will be washed and dried in machines, hang drying and dry cleaning will not be available, so pack accordingly. Jeans are allowed but no holes, tears or rips. T-shirts are appropriate if they are not transparent or promote a lifestyle contrary to a Christian walk. Spandex and tight fitting pants are inappropriate for this setting unless shirts fall below the hips. Casual pants and crops are appropriate.


Dress pants or dresses, nice shoes. This would be equivalent to professional work attire.


  • Jackets, sweaters, as you need to plan for the current and upcoming season.
  • Pajamas, underwear, socks, lounging around outfits, bathrobe if desired slippers (keep in mind the short and shirt policy applies to these items also)
  • One-piece bathing suit (no open front or backs)

***It is inevitable that in leaving the drugs behind and beginning to eat daily and regularly, that a woman will put on some needed weight – please consider this when you pack.


Deodorant, soap, shampoo, electric shaver, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair care, feminine hygiene products. We do supply some if needed, but if you have a personal preference please bring your own. ALL ITEMS MUST BE UNOPENED and cannot contain alcohol.


  • No psychiatric medications, sleep medications or addictive pain medications are allowed
  • You may bring over the counter pain medicines (Tylenol, aspirin, Advil) for use; they must be unopened and will be kept with staff. They are only dispensed as stated on the bottle.
  • Do not bring supplements or vitamins unless they are prescribed by a Doctor and needed for a medical condition. We do supply a daily vitamin for anyone who desires.
  • Make sure you let your Dr. know you will need refills called in for the duration of your time at Barbara’s Place.


  • Items for letter writing and stamps
  • Bible if desired, you will be provided with one at intake. Leave all other reading material at home.
  • You can bring an old-school iPod or MP3 player – as long as it has no connection to the internet (staff will approve player upon arrival). You will also need to bring earphones/headphones which may be used in one ear only.


  • The balance of Admission fee in the form of cash or money order – made out to America’s Keswick
  • $250.00 medical deposit (store purchased visa card works best)
  • $50.00 cash is allowed at any one time and usually left in the staff office for safety.


  • Automobiles
  • Snacks/beverages – only individually wrapped hard candy and gum is allowed.
  • No electronic devices or smart technology devices including smartwatches.
  • Anything that contains alcohol as an ingredient (such as mouthwash, hand sanitizer, perfume, body sprays)
  • Excess Jewelry and Makeup (this is not a time to spend on externals, as our focus is on inner transformation)

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