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Memory Verses

Below is a list of 120 bible verses used by the Colony of Mercy for memorization. Feel free to download this list for your own personal use or while on […]

Clearing Up Cannabis

The growing controversy and interest in Cannabis, better known in the United States as marijuana, is attributable to several factors: the rapid legalization or decriminalization of the substance, the debate […]


Abuse: A Biblical Perspective Abuse is wrong! Allowing someone to abuse you is wrong! Failure to help an abused person is wrong! “Husbands, love your wives and do not be bitter […]


Suffering: A Tool in God’s Hand “Human suffering is the experiencing or enduring of (what is perceived to be) extended or persistent pain or distress. Suffering may be physical, emotional, […]

The Tongue

The Tongue: A Biblical Perspective God has given us a wonderful resource, words. Our words can bring the best out in others, or the worst. We can empower others to […]


Anger: A Biblical Perspective Everyone gets angry at one time or another. Something happens in our life that doesn’t quite go the way we expect. We may have been wronged […]


Depression: Soul Trouble Many people suffer from what is called depression. It spans a wide spectrum of emotions – from disappointment to desperation, from feeling discouraged to suicidal. Depression will […]


Addiction: A Rule of the Puppet Kings No one wakes up one morning and says to himself, “Gee, I think I’ll be a crack addict today” or, “I think I’ll […]


Acceptance: A Biblical Perspective Discontentment, anger, frustration, distraction, worry, strife, depression, etc., can all be indicative of a person who has failed to accept God, his circumstances, or other people. […]

Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction: Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places The National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity has defined sexual addiction as: “engaging in persistent and escalating patterns of […]