Meets Mondays from 7:00 – 8:30PM in the Millsaps Room

Mothers are on the front lines of dealing with sons or daughters who are in addiction, but most are not equipped to know what to do or not to do. We are so accustomed to nurturing our children (even as adults) that we often end up enabling the addictive behavior. We also need the love and support of other moms who are going through the same deep waters of seeing our kids destroy themselves and ripping out our hearts in the process.

Love Them To Life is a group designed to support, encourage, and educate mothers of addicts. The purpose of the group is to let moms know that they are not alone, to help them get healthy in their bodies, souls, and spirits, to help them understand that Jesus Christ is the only true bondage breaker, and to equip them to deal with their sons or daughters as they struggle with addiction.

The curriculum covers topics such as enabling, codependency, denial, stealing, guilt, legal issues, how to recognize addictive behaviors, and many more.

Where: America’s Keswick, Whiting, NJ 08759 in the Millsaps Room

When: Monday nights, 7-8:30 pm


Beside Still Waters – Discovering Peace in the Midst of Your Child’s Addiction.


$12.95 (One time cost for materials)

Facilitated by:

Cherri Freeman, founder of Love Them To Life and author of Beside Still

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