Looking for Christian Counseling in Ocean County, New Jersey?

America’s Keswick has long been aware of the growing need for counseling services in the Whiting and Manchester areas. Therefore we are pleased to announce Journey Counseling LLC, an independent Biblical Counseling organization will be opening a branch office on the Keswick campus.

Journey Counseling LLC is a Christian counseling center. Mental health for individuals is the most important thing for us. Let us partner with you and your family today and help you through your struggles with singleness, marriages, anxiety, depression, grief, and many other family issues.

Available Services

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Chaplin Services
  • Life Coaching

Appointments are booked directly through Journey Counseling. Appointment and sessions will be hosted in a private environment on the ground at America’s Keswick.

Journey Counseling LLC nor any of its staff are employed by or representatives of America’s Keswick, and may not necessarily represent the views of America’s Keswick. Also, all billing and scheduling is handled directly through Journey Counseling LLC.

For more information please see their website www.myjourneycounseling.org.

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Journey Counseling LLC has a 72 hour cancellation policy.

Due to the continuing reduction of reimbursement by insurance companies, Journey Counseling LLC no longer submits for insurance.

All counseling sessions will be 50 minutes but no more than 90 minutes.  Clients will be charged accordingly to their time in the session.

1st counseling session will have a 15-minute interview then a 45 minutes session will begin. Charges will be applied.

All major Credit Cards are accepted. Please note, all counseling charges are due prior to each appointment.

No. Please contact Journey Couseling LLC directly at  856-437-3219 or email journey9716@yahoo.com

No. All billing is handled directly through Journey Couseling LLC. Please contact them about billing at 856-437-3219 or email journey9716@yahoo.com